Bee Placement / Pollination Services

Would you be interested in having honey bees placed on your property?

We offer small-scale, long-term bee placement.

If you are located in northwest Ottawa County or southern Muskegon County, we may be able to help.

Contact us by email ( ) or call 231-206-0551.

About Our Natural Honey

Our honey is very minimally processed.   This means the color and clarity of our honey may vary from hive to hive and even bottle to bottle.

6210099178_6e1e72c116_zWe are completely transparent about our honey processing:

~ All of our honey is manually extracted using a hand extractor.  We extra just two frames of honey at a time.

~ We never artificially heat our honey during the extraction or filtering process

~ Our bees are raised in and honey produced in natural wood boxes and frames with natural bees wax foundations

~ Our bees are not treated chemically to control mites, enhance honey production or for any other purpose

If you would like to visit our bees, contact us by email ( ) and we will be happy to show you around.   Because we are an extremely low volume operation, we are not equipped for walk-in visits without prior notification.


Welcome to Licentia Apiaries

Licentia Apiaries is a small specialized bee operation.

We are committed to raising bees for the good of our family and the community.

We have the following goals in our beekeeping:

  • Encouraging responsible beekeeping in our home community (Spring Lake Township) and the west Michigan region
  • Encouraging local governmental agencies to allow responsible beekeeping through the reduction of regulatory roadblocks and minimal regulation
  • Educating people of all ages about the positive impact of bees in our neighborhood, communities, region and world
  • Sustainable beekeeping that positively impacts our area gardeners, home owners and farmers
  • Producing delicious and healthy 100% pure local honey
  • Producing important and sustainable bee products